Questions That Need Answers After Reading Christmas Cupcake Murder

I promised a review for Christmas Cupcake Murder in my last post, but honestly, the book was so bad, I don’t know if I could adequately articulate how much I hated this book. As opposed to leaving you all hanging, I have a list of some of the many questions I had while dragging my feet toContinue reading “Questions That Need Answers After Reading Christmas Cupcake Murder”

Faux-zy Mystery Book Titles

Are you a fan of cozy mysteries? I’ll be honest with you, I’m definitely not, but I’ve always been curious about the cutesy, wholesome sub-genre that took up space next to the darker mysteries and thrillers at B&N. Not curious enough to buy them, or even take out a title from the library, but still,Continue reading “Faux-zy Mystery Book Titles”